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We're 10 Years Old!!


Picture This Antiques started in 2013....well, actually it was more like 55 years ago when my parents instilled the notion that collecting historical items and mementos was a good idea (and showing them off was even better). Marrying an antiques lover over 36 years ago helped as well, and together we've expanded our passion for unique and vintage collections into Picture This! Antiques.

Quite frankly, we're having a terrific time!  We're continually expanding our search for beautiful and unforgettable relics of the past, and while I truly enjoy exploring for new discoveries (and who doesn't?), I absolutely love sharing these finds with our guests and customers. At Picture This!, you'll not just find an antique or vintage item; you'll also discover the incredible history behind our truly fun and unique pieces.

The PTA display booths in Wayside Antiques in West Boylston and Off The Common Antiques in Grafton showcase some of our finest items with monthly themed sales and expanding collections. Our followers on Facebook and Instagram learn about our ever-changing stock as well as special events throughout the year (so keep following and sharing us!). And we've just opened our own small shop-The Picture This Antiques Vintage Shoppe in West Boylston- where even more of our collectibles will be showcased weekly in an intimate country setting!


Our various in-door and out-door location shows and sales throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York provide a unique antique display experience for my visitors and guests. You'll enjoy the charm of vintage furniture and accessories and the character of classic and unique prints and advertising, while also indulging in our array of 'fun' antique cameras, toys, collectibles, music, books, ephemera, and one-of-a-kind items from the early-mid 20th century. With hundreds of framed artifacts, you'll be able to 'picture' how each item will look in your home, venue or office. The old radios are always playing the sounds of bygone eras, and our changing displays and inventory make each visit feel like a new trip through a time machine. Every item has a unique story, and I look forward to sharing those stories with you soon at one of our sales events!

Peter Dumas

Proprietor and Collector



PTA Vintage Shope
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